Patents! Akamai! Dancing! All in this Week’s NTV Video Wrap-Up


We’re trying a little something different here, so bear with us. A lot of stuff happened this week, and rather than putting it all in a blog post, Liz and I decided to sit down for a video chat to wrap up the biggest stories. It’s a bit more conversational than an article and allowed us to veer off topic, make a few jokes and have some fun in the process.

This is our first attempt, so be gentle (it’s DIY!). We’ll get better the more we do them and include things like “microphones” and “lights.” But for now, sit back, relax and listen to Liz and I discuss VoloMedia’s controversial patent, what’s going on with Akamai, and we even do a little JK Wedding-inspired dance.


Liz Gannes

Sorry Augustine, but I am not with you on this one. Unfortunately the video has so many honors that YouTube is not listing the top referrers at this point. The Chris Brown tie-in was definitely not there early on, it was added after the video became massive. Perhaps looking at the terms “wedding entrance” or “wedding dance” would be more effective?

Chris Albrecht

Thank you, Ryan! That’s great to hear. We appreciate your kinds words.

Ryan Janssen

Chris and Liz, it was fun to see you guys live. Since I started SetJam this spring I’ve had to work hard to understand the media industry, as I’m relatively new to it. NewTeeVee has consistently been the best source for current events in this industry. Keep up the good work, and know that what you’re doing is important to those of us who are building companies in this space.

Chris Albrecht

Man! You LA types are so fussy! Besides, NewTeeVee Live is right around the corner.

Liz Shannon Miller

The easy rapport between Liz and Chris is a nice anchor for this first installment, and the segues between topics are relatively smooth. But, seriously, why is the NewTeeVee Live sign off center in the background?

-From the forthcoming NewTeeVee Station review, NewTeeVee Video Chat Is One 10-Minute Nerd Alert.

Chris Albrecht

Thanks for the thoughts Kris, we’ll definitely be making these better/more convenient as we do more.


I like you first video. Authenticy is nice, but you also report interesting stuff (in an easy way). Really helpful would be chapters and related links in the video respectively the player/controller.

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