IM+: Web-Based Skype for the Palm Pre

imandroid-screensAll you Palm Pre owners out there who’ve been wishing you could use Skype on your handset can stand down. A web-based app has been released that allows full use of Skype on the handset. The program, IM+, has been around for a good while but this Pre version is brand new.

The app is web-based and all you have to do is visit on your Pre mobile browser. This takes you to a Skype login page, and once you’ve logged in, you can Skype away. This is not a Skype app; it is strictly run in the Pre’s browser. It uses SkypeOut minutes to make calls and supports both text and audio chats to Skype contacts.

The program is free to use for 10 days and a lifetime fee of $9.99 gets you continued usage of IM+.


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