Free Creative Zii EGG Outputs 1080p, But SDK Will Cost You


Earlier this week, TheAppleBlog turned me on to the Zii EGG from Creative. I didn’t have much interest at the time because the EGG isn’t yet a consumer device. It’s available to developers and OEMs — meaning it’s more of a working concept than an end product. But then I saw this video demo of the EGG over at CNet. Color me intrigued by the EGG based on the user experience walkthrough and these specifications.

  • 3.5″ display running 320×480 resolution with 10-point capacitive multitouch support
  • 1080p high-definition output
  • 32GB internal storage memory, 256MB of RAM
  • SD slot supporting up to 32GB of expanded storage
  • 802.11g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2.1 +EDR, GPS, 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3D hardware graphics accelerator supporting OpenGL ES
  • Support for Android and the Android SDK

You can grab one of these devices for free, provided you pay $399 for the Zii Plaszma SDK. I don’t know the details of Plaszma, but of course you could turn this into an Android device with a little elbow grease. Behind the scenes is what Zii claims to be the “world’s first stem-cell computer.” This one chip handles everything from audio and video to processing power, which Zii says can be scaled from 10 Gigaflops to PetaFlops. That sounds impressive, but it remains to be seen what that means in real-world scenarios.

In a sense, the Zii EGG is a cross between a next-generation iPod Touch and today’s Android devices. And that’s intriguing to me. I’m really interested in a handheld device that can hold high-definition video for local playback but can be connected to my 1080p television for enjoying on the big screen. I’ve envisioned that for nearly four years now and the EGG seems closest to making that a reality now. I’m not sure I have $399 to find that out, but I’ll admit that I’m thinking about it. Pre-orders aren’t expected to ship for a few weeks yet, so I’m on the fence like Humpty Dumpty right now. I don’t want to order a half-baked unit only to end up with EGG on my face.

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