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“Carousel Fraud” Strikes Carbon Markets: Carbon credit fraudsters are increasingly “setting up complicated import and export schemes between EU member countries, charging buyers for value-added tax in the country of destination, and then absconding with the tax rather than handing it over to the governments.” — FT Energy Source

Low-Budget Fusion Power: “General Fusion, a startup in Vancouver, Canada, says it can build a prototype fusion power plant within the next decade and do it for less than a billion dollars. So far, it has raised $13.5 million.” — MIT’s Technology Review

Colorado Utility Considers Extra Fees for Solar Users: Colorado utility Xcel Energy has is toying with the idea of charging a fee to all customers who install solar systems after April 2010, supposedly in order to pay for transmission lines. — Denver Post via Fast Company

Carbon Capture Needs a Decade on the Dole: Carbon capture and storage technology will require government subsidies for at least a decade before it becomes economically viable, according to a researcher at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. — Bloomberg

Military Power: Army bases like Ft. Irwin in California, poised to snatch away from Nellis Air Force Base the title of the Pentagon’s biggest solar array, offer two big advantages to clean-energy developers: Lots of secure land and stable demand for electricity. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

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