China iPhone Images Hit the Web


The unofficially official iPhone for China moved a little closer to being real…or at least some nicely faked images were made real and posted at

Of course, lending credibility to the pictures, they were later pulled and replaced with a less revealing one. The iPhone is supposedly set to debut around September on China Unicom’s network, the second-largest operator in China.


One image shows the iPhone syncing. Note the iPhone is on China Unicom’s 3G network, and will never be on a Wi-Fi network. That was a main sticking point in negotiations. Along with that previously reported news, there are a few more details from Macworld.


The iPhone is supposedly a WCDMA model. It bears the seal of approval of Chinese environmental regulators for a period of ten years. Other rumors floating around suggest Apple (s aapl) will be paid around $440 for each phone, though selling price will be less. Supposedly, China Unicom has a multi-year deal and has guaranteed a minimum of one million units sold per year. However, it should be noted that officially Apple and China Unicom are still in talks. Still, it’s hard to disbelieve one’s eyes.


Dan A

I’m still trying to figure out why China will not allow WiFi. I know they limit internet access but there are plenty of other ways to connect to the internet. I’m sure there are plenty of laptops sold in China that have WiFi. If there is one thing I know about Chinese people it’s that they always find a way to get around anything that impedes what they can do. At least that seems to be the status quo in Chinatown NY.

Also, does anyone know if the Chinese iPhone will be able to access the internet through the 3G service? It would seem pointless to have an iPhone that cannot access the internet at all.


The reason floated around here for no WIFI radios with cell phones is that it would be too hard to track people who post things that the government does not like. Basically, it’s too easy for someone to ‘appear’ online and post things and then ‘disappear’ without a trace. Multiply that by the hundreds of millions of people with cell phones…

You’re right that there are a lot of WIFI laptops here, but WIFI is not very popular outside of the foreigner areas of the city, and compared to the population there really are not that many Chinese using WIFI laptops. Most just have a desktop at home.

Most foreigners use VPNs too, and whenever I mention to locals that there are ways around the firewall I always get a stare and more questions. Chinese are resourceful, but the reason the firewall works so well is that most people don’t dig deeper to find ways around it or silly laws like no WIFI on cell phones. Those who do are the ones who can afford to just buy an unlocked phone from Hong Kong or have a friend bring one back from the US.

And yes, the Chinese iPhone will be able to access the internet. They’ve had Edge internet here on the phones for a couple of years. The 3G networks just came out a few months ago. It’s only now gaining popularity. I can count on one hand the number of people who are using either Edge or 3G internet on their phone, and 3 of those are foreigners.


I will not allow those commie bastards to prank call me at my own American work place!!! It is a ploy to bring down the American GDP!! Further ruining our economy!! This is a matter of national security!!

I demand Steve Jobs be subpeanad (Spell check on subpoena, thank ya toots). I hereby declare Apple officially under seizure by the FTC, FCC, NSA, Home land security and a couple of other bureacuratic establishments to guarantee my rights to watch girls gone wild hosted by Snoop Dog.




You know, I unlocked my (AT&T) iphone with purplera1n and I got that same screen (caracters and all) today as well when I put in a ChinaMobile sim card. I’m not sure that picture proves anything.


“Walmart sell almost 60-90% of chinese products”

Methinks that’s a pretty big margin for error there. Why don’t you go do a price check at Wal-Mart and get back to us on those figures.

paul yoku

l think it should be called iPhone look alike, l guessed the Chinese are trying out their own products and the message is l supposed “they are taking the world”. Walmart sell almost 60-90% of chinese products, $1.00 and $2.00 outlets also sell mostly chinese products. So….. you like it or not, you gonna buy them someday. l know a lot of big companies moved to India and China, please tell me why they moved there?


sometimes i’m just thinking….wat is wrong with this guys………anyway…..thet do not realize about who i am talking right now ….but we the rest of as do….i wonder with that much inteligence,how they even now how to use thekeyboard….


seriously? they should have an idiot limit for the internet like they do for height on roller coaster rides.


Confucius say, “Chinese iPhone work better with Chinese characters for Chinese people, very Chinese!” duh! What, do some of you think they read German, French and English better than Mandarin characters? LOL


Plus another thing. Let’s say for some crazy reason a Chinese commie actually buys one of them I-phones. Whats guaranteeing me, that he wont use my American made Apple pie technology to prank call me? That’s what I want to know!!! I demand answers!! Chinese espionage? Not on my watch!! No sir!


I am with Wes on this one fellas. I mean all those nonsense, crazy, Kung-Fu, ninja gaiden, bruce lee symbols and what not.

Are you telling me with a straight face, that a person is actually going to pick one of those I-phones up and know what the heck is going on?

This raises more red flags than a Chinese pride rally. Sorry, I gotta tell ya, I am not buying it.



…I really hope you’re kidding. If you’re not, well…I’m not even going to go there.


Wes- How about learning to properly structure an English sentence before publically labelling another written language as “crappy”?

wes webber

how are you supposed to do anything with all that crappy chinese writing on it


Did you not notice, “IT IS FOR THE CHINESE” to be used in “CHINA”, therefore, I kinda think, it is supposeed to have Chinese writing on it.

Harry P. Nicz

Wes Webber is a perfect example of why we Anglos better start learning Mandarin now — the Chinese will be taking over the world.

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