China iPhone Images Hit the Web

The unofficially official iPhone for China moved a little closer to being real…or at least some nicely faked images were made real and posted at

Of course, lending credibility to the pictures, they were later pulled and replaced with a less revealing one. The iPhone is supposedly set to debut around September on China Unicom’s network, the second-largest operator in China.


One image shows the iPhone syncing. Note the iPhone is on China Unicom’s 3G network, and will never be on a Wi-Fi network. That was a main sticking point in negotiations. Along with that previously reported news, there are a few more details from Macworld.


The iPhone is supposedly a WCDMA model. It bears the seal of approval of Chinese environmental regulators for a period of ten years. Other rumors floating around suggest Apple (s aapl) will be paid around $440 for each phone, though selling price will be less. Supposedly, China Unicom has a multi-year deal and has guaranteed a minimum of one million units sold per year. However, it should be noted that officially Apple and China Unicom are still in talks. Still, it’s hard to disbelieve one’s eyes.