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Viliv X70 UMPC Deliveries Delayed: Component Shortage

Customers who ordered a Viliv X70 UMPC from retailer Dynamism have received emails informing them of a delivery delay. Dynamism cites a component shortage by the manufacturer, Viliv, as the reason for the delay. That doesn’t provide much comfort for those anxiously awaiting the arrival of their UMPC, but we can assume the UMPC revival is solid if components are in short supply. Those who are waiting delivery of their new X70 can watch our video review of the UMPC to see what they are missing:

[wpvideo BFO4sETH w=500]

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8 Responses to “Viliv X70 UMPC Deliveries Delayed: Component Shortage”

  1. Hi James, actually Wacom’s new digitizer WILL allow for both, which is what I’m waiting for. (Motion, are you listening?)

    “Integration with Wacom’s market-leading EMR pen technology

    For Tablet PC OEMs designing dual-input applications, Wacom RRFC touch technology can be easily integrated with Wacom’s market-leading EMR pen-input technology. Wacom RRFC touch uses the same mass-produced ASIC and MCU electronics architecture as its market-leading EMR pen input technology. Both pen and touch input are driven from the same ASIC/MCU pair, thereby reducing cost while assuring superior optical performance. OEMs will have little additional cost, other than the difference between the sensor glass and the current LCD protection panel, in order to add this exciting new technology to any device that uses Wacom EMR pen technology today.”

  2. bluespapa

    James, I see the latest configurations include Vista and, with that, a free upgrade to Windows 7. I saw Hector Gomez’s demo on the 5″ screen with XP Tablet and it looked killer. Shouldn’t both the Vista and the Windows 7 versions have all the handwriting enabled on both computers?

    Chad wants capacitive touch, but I don’t care if it’s capacitive or resistive, I’ve gotta have handwriting note taking, indexed, searchable, and served up with butter and syrup.

    • You are correct, Vista and Win 7 should have the handrwriting reco enabled. Since it’s not an active digitizer I believe the TIP will not auto-launch when booted, you may have to manually launch it. That’s not a big deal.