Search Non-Searchable PDFs Using Evernote Premium


Evernote, the data catch-all service that’s indispensable to many a mobile user, just added non-searchable PDF support to its repertoire of features. For those not familiar with Evernote — the platform captures data from various sources and scans the text so you can search through all of your information. Evernote supports Windows, Macs and mobile devices. Your data is always available over the web as well, so you can search for your spouse’s birthday wishlist from six years ago if you captured it with Evernote. Most everything you collect is scanned with OCR, or Optical Character Recognition technology, and indexed for quick searches.

While the free version of Evernote supports documents, pictures, and other items, you’ll need a premium account for the new PDF Search feature. For $45 a year — or $5 per month — you gain a storage increase from 40MB to 500MB, be able to search any supported file type and have increased security in the form of SSL encryption. Folks that have or upgrade to a premium account should see their existing PDF docs in Evernote scanned and indexed within the next week.

Bear in mind that if a PDF object is created to be searchable, Evernote already indexes it for both free and premium account holders. The new feature will index PDF documents that aren’t initially searchable, such as PDF files created from a scanned document.

(via The Mobile Gadgeteer)



If they re-enable their offline OCR (they removed it on v3), people who have working under some form NDA can use it as well. Hell I’d even gladly pay for that.

Kevin C. Tofel

You’re correct that it’s a monthly upload limit. My wording wasn’t clear, although I didn’t write that it’s a hard storage limit. Thanks for clarifying!

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