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MySpace's New Email Looks Better Than Facebook Messaging

MySpace logoMySpace (s nws) rolled out a new email service in beta today, symbolizing the beleaguered social network’s first step towards redeeming its fallen status. The new service, called MySpace Mail, is gradually being rolled out over the next two weeks to the social network’s 130 million users worldwide. The release is a move in the right direction for MySpace, as it offers more enhanced capabilities than Facebook’s message system.

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In MySpace Mail, you can embed photos from your profile directly into messages, track what your friends are up to in real time, and view your mail inbox, sent messages, friend requests and notifications all in one screenshot — things you can’t do on Facebook. MySpace users who already have a vanity URL (a feature Facebook just incorporated last month) have an email address reserved for them in the format: [email protected]

If you don’t like your vanity URL anymore, you can change both the vanity URL and email address when you set up the mail service. MySpace Mail also offers unlimited file storage, an address book that automatically saves your contacts, and the ability to search within your mail using Google (s goog) Gears.

Given its large user base, MySpace claimed in a press release that its new mail service can eventually become the fourth-largest mail provider in the world and the second largest in the U.S. Yahoo (s yhoo) is currently the largest email provider in the U.S. These are big claims for MySpace to make, though it’s questionable whether or not it will fulfill them. Its current messaging system accounts for 20 percent of its traffic on the site. The new email system can give MySpace a much-needed page view bump.

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27 Responses to “MySpace's New Email Looks Better Than Facebook Messaging”

  1. I like having email at myspace. But they need to offer a way to add new folders. As it stands, inbox, saved, trash bin. I’ve been using this service for a few weeks and it’s starting to get unorganized for lack of a filing system.

    If I’ve missed it and someone knows how to create a new folder pls let me know.

  2. I HATE FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!! myspaces new email is better than facebooks oile of crap messaging. my space is wayyyyyyy better than that stupid ass kids site called facebook. donr belive me watch this video of myspace owner tom anderson in a new interiew!

    also check out these other links on why myspace is better than facebook

    dont just leave a smart ass comment in defense of facebook until you have ACTUALLY looked at these 3 links i have posted and ACTUALLY READ WHAT IT SAIS!!!!! you will see why i like myspace better.

  3. The new myspace mail will not let me delete my sent mail. Certain msgs that have been sent I would like to delete…also, there is no longer a trash bin so once something is deleted, I’m assuming it’s gone for good..which I guess is ok, but was used to the old way.

  4. I HATE the new Myspace email, I cant type anything in the box and since they changed the comment section to the same style I cant comment either… i also cant type anything in my status bar and when it does let me there is no update button!!!! I have firefox and have tryed clearing my cookies and cache and nothing is working. I keep emailing myspace and have only received generic emails saying it will be fixed and it has been this way for a month or more… any advice?

  5. IT’S CRAP!!
    I just spent AN HOUR on an email.
    -Randomly underlined bits that I didn’t want underlining.
    -Didn’t send whn I tried to send it and then DELETED it so I had to do it all again.
    -Didn’t save it when I tried to save it for the third time typing it.
    -Cut off half the message when I did eventually send it to one person.
    Basically, I’ve been trying for a week to send this REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT email, and it’s not going!!
    With the old one, I would hve got it sent on the first try…
    I want it back!!

  6. I can’t get any of the buttons to work with Firefox. I can compose a message, but I can’t click “send,” or click “reply”…. or any other button in the new mail version. If I want to send email or respond to email in MySpace, I know have to exit Firefox and open Internet Explorer, a hassle I should not have to deal with. I agree with most of the comments. There needs to be a way to revert back to the old mail system.

  7. I really dont like the new myspace mail and would appreciate if you had a way to go back to the old mail…if so please let me, as well as various others, know how

  8. It’ll be extremely interesting to see how this pans out. I highly doubt that this will catch on. What is the advantage over say, Gmail? It will be more of a hassle to switch over than anything else.

    “Given its large userbase, MySpace claimed in a press release that its new mail service can eventually become the fourth largest mail provider in the world and the second largest in the U.S.”

    I feel like MySpace is being very misleading…you have to remember that millions of their accounts are inactive and/or spam profiles. I last logged into MySpace about 6 months ago.

    • Andrew,

      Very good points. I don’t know how many people are out there on MySpace who are actively using the service. I think the success of this “app” is going to actually let us all know how good/bad Myspace is actually performing.

  9. hmmmm. i might need to head back to myspace for the first time in at least a year, if not longer. this looks interesting.

    of course, with a social networking site, the *mail* aspects aren’t as important to me as the *feed* filtering capabilities. if i can’t keep track of the added content that i’m most interested in, then i won’t stick around long.