Microsoft Office 2010 First Look


microsoft-office-2010-logoIt’s still 2009, but that didn’t stop Will over at WebWorkerDaily from kicking the tires of Microsoft Office 2010 (s msft). He shares his initial hands-on thoughts on the productivity boosters and it sounds promising. Of course, our fave is in the mix now that OneNote is included in all versions of Office 2010.

Will points out that with the new co-authoring feature found in OneNote, Word and Power Point — much like the collaboration available in Google Docs, multiple authors can work in a single document simultaneously. That ought to come in handy, as James and I often work together on some documents. Lately, we’ve used Skype’s screen sharing while one of us edits the document, but the ability to work together in one place offers more value.

If you’re wondering what other goodies are in the new technical preview of Office 2010, have a look at what else Will found. Since the technical preview program is closed, insights like this are the best way to get an early look of the new productivity suite. I’ll likely pass on the desktop version of Office 2010, but I’m very interested in the web versions, once they become available.



I tried the Technical Preview, but they set it up so that it streams to the system or something. HORRIBLE performance as a result, and I just ended up uninstalling it and going back to Office 2007.

It’s a shame, because I like the UI refinements they’ve done throughout Office 2010, not to mention 64-bit support for my desktop.

Project Pankaj

It would be interesting to see if Office web apps integrate with third party collaborative environments like ours. It would be very disappointing if it works only in a SharePoint collaborative context.


Been using this for a week or so.
-Nice improvements in Onenote. Equation support with MathML copy/paste. Hopefully I can get it working with LyX (the Latex editor I use).
-Outlook not hugely changed, but I’ve not tested Outlook conversation view needs tweaking; it does some silly things quite often, but should be good eventually. Not sure about the ribbon/backstage arrangement for Outlook as it’s not like the other document-editing apps. I don’t know what improvements will come with Exchange 2010; probably they are more significant.

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