Daily Sprout


Nissan, EnerDel Team Up for Battery Research: Lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel (an Ener1 (s HEV) subsidiary) and Nissan (s NSANY) Motor Co. plan to fund research for a new electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries at Argonne National Laboratory. — Green Car Congress, AutoblogGreen

How Long Will Natural Gas Really Last?: Robert Rapier crunches the numbers on how long natural gas reserves might last, if used to replace all U.S. gasoline usage. — The Oil Drum

Conflicting Wind: Outlooks for the wind energy business range from bright to gloomy, causing stocks in the sector to whipsaw. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Biofuel Musical Chairs: Alan Shaw, CEO of biofuel maker Codexis says soon we’ll see a consolidation process in the biofuel sector that looks like musical chairs. When all of the big petroleum companies have made their investments in biofuels, the chairs will be gone. — Greentech Media

Zero Launches New Electric Motorcycle: Startup Zero Motorcycles began selling its all-electric, $9,950 Zero DS motorcycle today. It runs on a lithium-ion battery pack, has a 50-mile range and tops out at 55 MPH. — CNET’s Planetary Gear

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