Apple Adds 2TB Time Capsule, Now Available



Without much fanfare, and over a day later than it usually announces products, Apple (s aapl) has released a new version of its integrated network storage/Wi-Fi router today.

The new Time Capsule sports an industry pace-keeping 2TB of hard drive space, and can be yours for a mere $499. Not bad, considering your average external USB 2TB drive will cost you around $250 at the low end, and an Airport Extreme on its own is $199.

The coming of the much beefier Time Capsule also results in a price drop for the 1TB model, shaving off a solid $200, to $299. The 500GB, which up until today commanded that very same sum, gets discontinued completely, which hopefully will translate to deep discounts from retailers still holding onto existing stock. I know I’d pick one up if it went for, say, $179? Just a suggestion, licensed distributors.

Like the previous models, the new 2TB comes equipped with the dual-band router present in its predecessors and the newest Airport Extreme, which lets you work on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band simultaneously, for optimal network efficiency. I’m not sure about your setup, but mine has so much static from the sheer volume of connected devices that dual-band networking is a huge selling point. Not sure if the value proposition is quite attractive enough yet at the high end of the scale, but at $300, the 1TB model feels like it might’ve hit a sweet spot for consumers like me who’ve been holding out for a better deal.


francis muir

any way to modify my older Time Capsule to dual band. our macbooks want “n” while ROKU and an old ibook used as a radio source want “g”


Can you slave an existing, older 1TB Time Capsule to either of the newer 1 or 2TB Time capsules?


You should be able to, if you set the old Time Capsule to be a bridge.

In Airport Utility for the old unit (after you’ve set up the new one), go to Internet. Set Connection Sharing to “Off (Bridge Mode)”.


Still saving up for Mac Mini + 2gbHD + HD Monitor = Time Machine Backup Station / Streaming Media Server (w/ SimplifyMedia) / Home Entertainment Center

Liam Cassidy

I have two Time Capsules, a 500GB and a 1TB. And I’d upgrade to a new 2TB in a heartbeat if it wasn’t so expensive. I know it’s an AE as well as a hard drive, but sheesh – $499? Crazy money.

I’m better off slaving a 2TB external HDD to one of my existing Time Capsules via the USB port, I guess. Not as elegant as a single device, but when elegance costs this much, I’d rather live with the extra cables.


i love my airport exteme i just bought 14 days ago. will i trade it out for the old 500gb time capsule just for the harddrive?…. if they let me and if the price
is around 200. $20 for 500gb of web accessible drive space.


I went through that with the upgrade to dual-band. They’ll take it back within 14 days, with a 10% restocking fee if it’s been opened (as if we wait out 14 days before opening anything we buy from Apple).

I didn’t bother, and just plugged in an old Airport Express to be a G network bridge for my iPhone and PowerBook, and used the Extreme for our N network capable computers.

From 1TB to 2TB would be more of a temptation, but you’re still bound to the 14 day window.


Too expensive. I can get a 2TB hard drive upgrade including cloning and installation on my iMac for that + a nice bi back up drive. Having the built in AE is not really a big seller.

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