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Microsoft: Internet Explorer Is Gaining Momentum Again

Top executives are talking up the company’s prospects to financial analysts at the company’s corporate conference center in Redmond today. It’s not all rah rah rah, though. See, for instance, our sister site mocoNews for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer’s no-nonsense comments on the company’s mobile business.

Other highlights:

Internet Explorer: Chief operating officer Kevin Turner called attention to the performance of Microsoft’s new version of Internet Explorer, saying that while Microsoft’s share of the browser market had been “declining quarter after quarter after quarter,” the company had now seen “great momentum” for Internet Explorer 8. He didn’t quite say that Internet Explorer was finally gaining share again — and that’s not quite clear. Net Applications says the most recent data remains under review. And no comments about that vomit ad the company pulled.

Office: The new web-based version of Office will be accretive to the company’s business, business division president Stephen Elop insisted. He said that it would reach people who were not using Office before, as well as individuals who might be using pirated versions of the software. As for his division’s poor performance during the most recent quarter, he said consumers were using cheaper versions of Office, not using web-based versions. “Are people picking up free options on the internet? Absolutely not,” he said.

Chrome OS: Talking about competition for the company’s Windows operating system, Ballmer included Google’s Chrome OS on his list. But he said it was there for “competitive completeness more than anything else,” reasserting his previous remarks that he did not know what the operating system would be like yet. “I don’t know what its relationship is to Android,” he said. “I was just fully getting my mind wrapped around Android.”