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MySpace Mail Goes Public; Global Rollout In Weeks

MySpace has officially started the global rollout of its new mail service, a week later than sources involved with the project expected it to launch. As we reported last week, MySpace Mail — in development since last year — was one of the projects that survived the management transition at the News Corp (NYSE: NWS). social network.

MySpace, which cannot afford the publicity of a bad product right now (a far cry from the days when new products would pop up overnight), plans to roll it out to all global users “within the next couple of weeks,” according to the company. It carries a beta tag. MySpace says that messaging accounts for nearly 20 percent of its site traffic from nearly 130 million users and, according to the press notes, “enters the mail category with the potential to be the second largest mail provider in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world.”

Vanity URLS: Those with vanity URLs — nearly 70 percent of the network’s users — have reserved addresses with that user name They can change the URL to get a different mail address in a one-time offer. Others can get a vanity URL when they sign up for e-mail.

Precautions: Mindful of the issues it already faces when it comes to privacy and online safety, MySpace has set up the mail service with a feature that allows users to only receive mail from their MySpace friends. They also promise a spam-free mail existence; please let me know how that works for you.