Where Will Tad Smith End Up?

Tad Smith

The latest news about selling part of Reed Business came in tandem with word that Tad Smith is leaving Reed Business Information-USA. We’ve been told he wasn’t ousted, despite the instant conclusions popping up — that he had decided to leave for a new job. RBI and Reed Elsevier (NYSE: RUK) were evaluating the portfolio at the same time, and the two just happened to coincide. Both global RBI and RE have relatively new CEOs in place — RE CEO Ian Smith as of March, while Global RBI CEO Keith Jones started last year.

What I have learned is that Tad won’t be going to academia, though he has been an adjunct lecturer at the Stern B-school at NYU for a while. He is at RBI until Aug. 31, although he already has been replaced effective immediately with an acting CEO, and already has a job lined up. One intriguing possibility that we ruled out quickly: Forbes. Federated Media, maybe? More as we know it …


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