Skype Screen Sharing Enables Effortless Collaboration


James over at our sister site jkOnTheRun has been trying the latest version of Skype (version 4.1 on Windows (s msft), 2.8 on Mac (s aapl)). This new version includes screen-sharing features that allow you to share your desktop with other Skype users. James tested it out while collaborating on a document editing session with co-writer Kevin and was extremely impressed with its simplicity and the way that it allowed real-time collaboration with very little lag. He says that using it enables “true collaboration; it is just like looking over the host’s shoulder to see what they are doing.”

Earlier today, I had a Skype call with James. Initiating a screen-sharing session during the call was as simple as pressing the “share” button and selecting whether to share the whole screen, or just a portion of it. It worked very well; James was able to see every detail on my screen with minimal lag, even though I am in the UK and he’s in Houston. Here’s a screenshot of my desktop he took during the call:

This new version of Skype provides a very easy (and free) way to share a screen with a colleague for collaboration or tech support. Check out James’ post for more detail.

Note: You might need to go to the Skype web site to grab the latest version; clicking “Check for Updates…” didn’t work for me.

Have you tried Skype screen sharing for collaboration? Let us know how it went in the comments.



Hi ..

i have been using skype for a while… How can i share desktop while doing conference call…

Nick T

Have found that screen sharing from windows to mac does not work, although mac to windows does. Has anyone found this issue, or know of what we are doing wrong?

Simon Mackie

@Jorge — it works on both Win and Mac. I don’t have Linux so haven’t tried it on that.

@collaboration Cathy — yeah, I’m really surprised they haven’t added this before.

Jorge Blanco

Is this screen sharing function working in Windows, Mac or both? I agree with Jon that the Linux version is greatly overdue for an update…

Collaboration Cathy

Boy! I’ve waited for this all my life! It would be unfair to call it a full fledged web conferencing tool, but it can make for quick informal meetings and discussion sessions.

Simon Mackie

@JamesVG — I haven’t tried it yet. I believe TinyChat might support screensharing on calls with more than person?

Jon Smirl

Too bad they haven’t updated the Linux version since It’s been four years now without an update. I can barely keep it running with bandaids.

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