Official Apple iDisk App Finally Released


It was announced alongside iPhone OS 3.0, and its absence has been a conspicuous, if minor, cause for analyst concern. Today, though, Apple (s aapl) finally released its official MobileMe iDisk app for download via the App Store. As was announced previously, the app allows iPhone and iPod touch users to wirelessly share and view files from their MobileMe iDisk.

Note that in order to use MobileMe iDisk, you must have a MobileMe account, although people who sign up for the 60-day free trial can get a full taste of what the app provides without paying the full price of admission.

The interface is clean and simple, as you’d expect from a native iPhone app, and there are some nice extras over and above what similar third-party applications, like OneDisk, offer. For example, when loading larger documents for viewing, the iDisk app provides an estimated time remaining in addition to a progress bar representing the file download. It’s horribly inaccurate, of course, but what estimated time remaining dialog isn’t?


The big draw for frequent iDisk users is the ability, from within the iPhone app, to share any files stored in their MobileMe account with others through email. Clicking the “Share” button brings up an email compose dialog, complete with options to set an expiry date and password for added security. Recipients won’t need to be MobileMe users to access the shared file, either. You can also add the Public Folders of other members for browsing, if you know of any. Finally, you can access all your shared documents at any time and stop sharing with only two clicks.

Still not sure what caused the lengthy delay, but as a MobileMe subscriber, I’m glad this free app has finally arrived.