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Microsoft Retail Store Locations Announced


The locations of the first Microsoft (s msft) Retail Stores have been announced. Microsoft’s foray into brick-and-mortar retail will begin in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Viejo, Calif., CNET News‘ Ina Fried reported in an article yesterday.

Microsoft confirmed it has signed leases for both locations, where it expects to open its retail stores in the fall. Microsoft spokeswoman Kim Stocks said:

“Over a billion people use our products every day yet we don’t have a way to directly connect with them. We see the physical stores, as well as a consistent online experience, helping that.

“Our customers have told us three things — they want a more simplified buying option for PCs and devices, great technology, and competitive prices and knowledgeable staff.”

Umm, isn’t that four things, Kim?

I’m not surprised she seems confused. If she read the 124-page Retail Store Proposal I reported on this week, she’s probably still a little dazed. I know I was.

I have only two questions: Will the first store be introduced to us by Steve Ballmer, will Microsoft forge ahead with its blatantly Apple-inspired “Guru Bar,” and will you be standing in line hours before the grand opening?

15 Responses to “Microsoft Retail Store Locations Announced”

  1. This pretty much is the same concept as the saying “If you can’t beat em’ join em'” The only thing different is Microsoft is trying to beat apple with their own stuff because for some reason their not smart enough to do it on their own. Microsoft simply can’t seem to get it through their heads.

  2. Alabaster

    I went to the one in Mission Viejo last night (opening day). it looks like the original apple store, white walls, wood floor. They are selling dell, sony, and HP computers from what I could tell, and XBox 360s. The walls have LCDs lining the store, and there is some kind of kids touch screen gameboard in a few places. It looks cool, but like I said, it looks very copied from Apple. Who knows if they will do well. I heard they are not going to have tech support, are you kidding me? that was the key to apple’s early success in retail. Also the mall was micrsofted out with windows banners everywhere, they are definitely not afraid to drop lots of cash for this thing.

    • From Alabaster: “It looks cool, but like I said, it looks very copied from Apple.”

      If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft has been copying Apple since Windows 3.0, that was back in the 1990’s. Look at their older OS’s dating back to Windows 98 and compare them side by side, I’m not joking, it’s almost embarassing.

  3. Bob Smith

    Don’t they mean “Mission Viejo”? There is no city simply named “Viejo” in California. There are two that I know of with “Viejo” in their name, Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo, both in Orange County.

  4. BMWTwisty

    I think Mister Softy needs to open a couple hundred of these stores. Yeah, that’ll work REEAALLLL good. They’ll sell at least twenty copies of another knockoff, “Windows 7” in the Apple knockoff store that won’t make a dime. This is gonna be fun to watch. Mebbe even Boingo Ballmer will do personal appearances to crank up the sales staff to they can drag live people into the stores and try to sell stuff.

  5. Malls make money off the triple net, where the rent is supplemented by a percentage of sales.
    Apple Stores have the highest sales dollars per square foot of ANY retail stores. Microsoft will have trouble selling anything, so either the rent will be really high, they will get bad locations, or malls will not accept them.

  6. Thats funny bacause when the count-down to the grand opening begins Microsoft will be late to the party and stumble out the starting blocks, failing miserably in the process.

    5…4…3…2…6…8…13…??…FAIL!…1…Already gone.

    And its oops Lost Revenue and Poor Customer Satisfaction in the lead but here come the sure fire winners of Dwindlng Market share being pushed by Eventual Collapse and Wreck and Ruin just crossing the line both early and late but consistently dire, bloated and lacking in charisma.

    Huh, not unlike a certain OS that come out of Redmond!

  7. galley99

    My Dad recently bought a place in Scottsdale. If the Microsoft Store is still open the next time I visit, I will check it out and laugh.

  8. I wanna know who is going to have the first birthday party at Microsoft?

    Kids 12 and under can meet Vista! The non-working animatronic IT guy with a chip on his shoulder. Free patches for EVERYONE!