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Exclusive Eye-Fi Geo Card Comes to Apple Stores


I’ve always been tempted to try out an Eye-Fi SD flash memory card, which allows you to wirelessly upload photos directly from your camera to a nearby Mac or PC on the same network. Perhaps a bit anachronistically, since they seem to be far and away the leading digital memory format, but I don’t actually have a camera that uses SD. What with the price of point-and-shoots these days, I may soon rectify that situation, and Apple’s (s aapl) just given me another incentive.

As of today, Apple Stores (online and retail) will be the exclusive distributor of the brand new Eye-Fi Geo 2GB SD card. As its name implies, it will allow you to geotag your photos in addition to transferring them wirelessly to your computer. The new geotagging feature will allow you to use the Places feature in iPhoto ’09 by including metadata with every picture taken on the card about where it was shot.

Out of the box, the iPhone supports geotagging, but it isn’t yet a feature often included in most consumer digital cameras. The limited availability of the Eye-Fi Geo suggests that the reason why is that Apple is the only consumer photo library application to foreground geotagging capabilities. If you’d rather not pay a premium for the fancy new card, which costs $60 and only offers 2GB of storage, you can always manually enter location information into iPhoto after you’ve uploaded your photos.

In addition to geotagging, the Eye-Fi Geo offers the option to upload directly to MobileMe galleries or to various other social-networking sites, but for an additional $10 fee, which presumably activates a built-in software feature. I’ve yet to really use the geotagging features of iPhoto, but this card, and the added convenience of wireless uploading, has me mighty tempted to give it a try. Anyone picking one up and eager to share their impressions?

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    • No, if you check out the full line of Eye-Fi cards you’ll see they max out at 4GB. Essentially you can buy a 4GB version of the above card for $100 and that includes the ability to upload pictures anywhere on the web. Seems like a better deal to me.

  1. This doesn’t just wirelessly upload “to a nearby Mac or PC on the same network” – it wirelessly uploads over the internet to your computer or other designated site, meaning you send your pictures home when you’re at a cafe with Wi-Fi just as easily.

  2. Freddy

    Don’t forget this is not a real geotagging device. It use only the surrounding wireless networks. When you are out in the nature where is no Wi-fi, geotagging doesn’t works. But the wireless picture upload is a good feature.

    • Henk, you do not need access to those networks – it can tell your location simply from noticing their presence. I’ve done a fair amount of research on this and that seems to be how it works from reading hands-on reviews.

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