Barnes & Noble Gives Away Wi-Fi at All Stores


gI_0_WIFISIGNBookseller Barnes & Noble (s bks) has jumped onto the e-book train full force, and to show how serious they are about it they are now providing free Wi-Fi at their stores. Wi-Fi has been available at many B&N stores for a few years through the AT&T (s t) wireless service. The press release for the Wi-Fi indicates it will now be available totally free at all retail locations:

The existing AT&T Wi-Fi network at Barnes & Noble has been available to customers since 2005. Now, anybody walking into a Barnes & Noble store anywhere in the country will have complimentary and unlimited access to the Wi-Fi network at all store locations.

As a part of the Wi-Fi offering announced today, customers will soon be able to opt-in to receive personalized messages from Barnes & Noble — such as a coupon to the in-store café, notices on an author book signing or details on where to find a new book release in their favorite genre — on their Wi-Fi enabled devices when they enter the store.

B&N has embraced the e-book market in a big way, as indicated by our interview with company officials. This free Wi-Fi program is firmly aimed at bolstering the e-book side of the business.



What happened to BN at 23rd street, NYC? I haven’t been there for long time, but recently discovered it’s no longer there. It’s been BN flagship in Manhattan.


I believe the Union Square location is now [b]the shit[/b] in terms of B&N stores now.

I lived on 14th & 6th for all of 2008, and in that time span I believe the number of easily walkable B&N locations dropped from 5 to 2…

I mean, it was almost too dense at that point, but…I can’t complain either way.

Jon M

Now if only they would put in more AC outlets, or uncover the ones that they had covered over. Oh, and more chairs and tables.

Also if they had a homepage that was auto redirect when signing on to the free WiFi; that allowed you to browse the books the store actually has stocked and point to their approximate location on a virtual map ….. am I asking too much?

Maybe I should be happy with the free WiFi for now ….


I am a novice, and thanks to you James they have a new customer. Just d/l the BN eReader and really liked the fact that I have 6 books already there.
Will definitely buy something later on!

My question is please – what format are they using in their BN shop? Is it DRM like? Can I d/l to my machine or is it just online? Can they wipe the content I have locally as Amazon did recently?


James Kendrick

it uses their proprietary DRM which can be used on any device that uses the eReader software. That’s why I like them. They cannot wipe your content.

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