News Int.: BBC Video Share Will Make News Sites Samey

Four online papers may have started embedding BBC News video, but Times Online and Sun Online parent News International rejected the offer. A spokesperson’s comment to is unequivocal on why

“News International assessed the BBC’s proposals and found that they not only impose onerous marketing conditions, but also offer little differentiation or benefit to customers of our websites.

“We expect the BBC will require the Daily Mail (LSE: DMGT), Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Independent to provide marketing for the BBC at no cost, including embedding a BBC player (rather than using their own), featuring BBC pre-roll “stings” on the content, linking to the BBC and accepting a ban on advertising.”

“This means that while they may not be charged, it is certainly not free and is likely to bring about a greater sameness of video content on a range of sites.”

ITN On and Press Association, each trying to pitch their online video wires to newspaper sites, have opposed the BBC’s offer.

Times Online and News Corp (NYSE: NWS). stablemate Sky News have already teamed up to co-produce videos that appear on each others’ sites.