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WatchDox - document control, document tracking & document protectionRecently, I wrote about WatchDox, the security application that allows you to secure and track the documents you send online. The company behind the app, Confidela, has just moved the app to a fee-based model (free accounts are no longer available). As of this week, you can test out the application for 30 days for free before selecting either the Pro version (for the individual) or the Business version (with additional features). Existing individual users are grandfathered in and can retain their free account but still have to upgrade if they want the features available in the Business account.

Some new features on all the paid accounts include the denying people the ability to take a screenshot of any documents sent through Watchdox. I tested this out by trying to take a Skitch screen grab of a protected document, and it immediately went into “curtain” mode, blurring the content.

WatchDoxsecurityAnother nifty new feature is the “Spotlight” mode which actually prevents anyone from taking a clear digital photo of a document when enabled. The company considers this an “extreme feature,” but it’s an effective one nevertheless. Documents protected with Spotlight look like they have colored vertical bars over them. Only a small portion of the document is “spotlighted” and readable at one time — the rest is illegible.

The company also continues to improve the document viewer, which now includes a “PowerPoint presentation slide mode” that you can toggle for easier document review.

Business accounts allow for multiple users on the same account, with a company-wide administrative function. Coming soon will be the ability for the administrator to add users, remove users and change individual permissions from a central management dashboard. Business level users can access a full audit trail of all users to pinpoint how a document has distributed using Watchdox.

There is currently an MS Outlook (s msft) plugin so that you can send a document securely via Watchdox with just one click, and the Gmail (s goog) add-on is pending.

Confidela says it is getting some traction from industries requiring high levels of document security including finance, legal, healthcare, and manufacturing, but emphasize the value of using Watchdox security for company price lists, client proposals, contracts and human resources documents, such as hiring offers.

In a nutshell, with Watchdox, you can control, track and protect your documents at a high level for $14.95/month (charged annually) for the Pro level for a single user and $29.95/month per user for a Business account, with a minimum of 10 users. For a business license covering less than 10 users, you can contact the company directly for a custom package. Larger custom packages are also available via the company. If you need to secure and keep track of documents, it’s a well-designed service, although I have to say that I haven’t incorporated it into my workflow yet.

How are you securing sensitive documents that you distribute online?



Hi VirginTech,

There are actually several layers of protection against this kind of activity:

1. There’s the curtain that blurs the document when you try to take a screenshot.

2. Even in the unlikely event that someone did manage to take a screenshot of your document, you can still track the user down using the embedded watermark system.

3. Finally, there’s the spotlight protection system that can come to your aid. It can even protect the document for being pictured using an external device such as a digital camera:

You could see an example here:


How about print screen option. I mean if i am going to take the screenshot of the whole screen then how its going to protect the document in this case?

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