Windows Marketplace is Open for App Submission: Win a Surface Table

Windows MobileMicrosoft is serious about their Windows Mobile app store, and the Windows Marketplace is officially open for business. Now, before you can sell apps you have to get them into the store, so what is actually open is the app submission process for developers. Microsoft means business, as they claim that apps should make it through the approval process in 10 business days or less.

The process sounds pretty involved, but there is a 28 page document (PDF) from Microsoft detailing what is expected from submitted applications. Previously, Microsoft had indicated that developers would have to pay $99 for the right to submit five applications to the Marketplace, and that fee seems to still be in place.

To get developers psyched up about the Windows Marketplace, Microsoft is running a contest to reward the best apps. The Race to Market Challenge will get four developers a Microsoft Surface Table, trophies and most importantly, promotion of the winning apps. The contest will run until December 31 of this year and winners will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Most downloads of a free app
  • Most valuable app (downloads x price)
  • Most useful (as judged by Microsoft panel)
  • Most playful (as judged by Microsoft panel)

A Microsoft Surface Table is cool but I can’t help thinking that since developers are in business — cash would be king for a prize. I’m just sayin’.

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