Palm Pre Tip — Preview Email in List View

email_2009-27-07_080525The Palm Pre is new, so I am still learning tips and tricks about using it. I spend a fair bit of time combing through online user forums for those tidbits of useful information. I stumbled across a real gem this weekend that I just have to share.

I like using the email app on the Pre — it is simple to use, yet packs a lot of functionality on the little screen. It falls short in one area, however: the email list view. This is a simple list of email in a given folder and it shows you the basic header information from each email. It shows sender, subject, date and a paper clip icon if there is an attachment. This is usually good enough for a list of email, but sometimes a preview of a given email is very useful.

I often wish I could get a glimpse into the body of an email without opening it. I want to see just enough to decide if I need to respond right away, or if I can put it off until later. A preview function is what I wanted, and a preview function is what I got. It turns out you can pinch to zoom in/ out on any email in the list view. This is undocumented but it works like a charm. Zooming in expands the email in the list to show more of the particular email’s body; the more you zoom in the more you see. You can zoom all the way in and see the whole email if you want.

You can zoom back out with the opposite pinch, all the way until you have just the basic list view again. This works nice and easy, the way good features should. I am using this a lot, and I’ll bet you may find it useful.


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