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One eskimO Blends Music and Animated Movies

At Comic-Con (or as I like to call it, “the most wonderful time of the year”) over the weekend I got the chance to meet up with One eskimO, a band from England that will soon be releasing a visual album through Warner Premiere (s TWX). The Adventures of One eskimO blends acoustic-y/slightly electronica-y music (I got a Grandaddy vibe) with really cool animations.

The album will be offered in 10 installments on DVD and through iTunes starting in September. In support of the album, the band has also created a viral video effort dubbed “Find Little Feather” that has the main character looking for his friend.

I sat down with the band’s guitarist Peter Rinaldi for a quick video interview in which he explained the concept of the album, and how video played a key role in its creation.

Here’s the trailer for the Find Little Feather viral video campaign.

One eskimO is currently touring the U.S. with Tori Amos.