Nissan Unveils IT System, iPhone App for New Networked Car


nissan-ev-07271Nissan pulled back the curtain today on key tools in its plan for an electric, fully networked car: an iPhone application and a system called EV-IT, which will connect the company’s upcoming plug-in vehicle to a global data center via mobile networks. This comes as part of a larger move in the auto industry (helped along by software companies) toward what we’ve described, over on Earth2Tech, as the era of Car 2.0

The idea behind Car 2.0 and the tools that Nissan has just unveiled (along with the latest prototype for the 2010 electric car set to debut on Aug. 2) is that the next generation of cars will link to the power grid and communication networks and function a lot like consumer electronics. Using Nissan’s planned iPhone app, for example, drivers will be able to remotely monitor and control their vehicle’s battery charging, air conditioning and heating. Read the full story on


EU Neuwagen

Yes, Nissan really belongs to the top technology sports cars nowadays. Look at the 370Z and GT-R, these are high performance sports cars, which can even keep up with Ferrari and co.

No-Fault Insurance

Car monitoring is a tremendous stuff! Especially if Nissan will develope that technology to warn about parts and systems that are going to break. Thanks to the author for the article. Very interesting…


Another toy for NIssan & iPhone fans. Nissan is really on a cutting age of the automotive technology today. They do everything to enhance your driving, making it safe, effective and pleasant. Thousands of Nissan Accessories serve for that! I love their cars, really!

Raul Moreno

Happy to hear Nissan has an APP. In another site I read they launch a WAP site, yes a wap site! Its good to read Nissan remembered its 2009 =) (((

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