iLuv Adds Inline Headset Remote to Any Headphones



I’m a lucky audiophile as both of my phones, the iPhone (s aapl) and the Pre (s palm) both offer inline headphone remote controls. With the buttons, I can pause, play, skip and control the music volume. On the the iPhone, I can also use the controls to initiate a voice command. That’s all well and good, but what about using a better sounding set of ‘phones? You end up losing the remote features. Or do you?

Once launched, iLuv ‘s iEA15 will add the same remote features to any set of standard headphones that use a 3.5mm jack. Essentially, this is a little cord extension that includes the buttons and functionality to replicate the remote control features used with the included headphones of a Pre or iPhone. That gives new life to my Shure headset, which I’ve abandoned in favor of the included earbuds for the time being. Hopefully, the iEA15 comes in at or under $20 — after that, I’m not sure it’s worth the money to me for remote controls. It’s not that difficult to look at the phone display and tap a button. ;)

By the way, Mac owners can use their iPhone headset (or the iEA15, I suppose) to control music on newer Macs. I often listen to music over a headset through my MacBook and it’s nice to pause, skip or adjust volume with the inline controls.

(via UNEASYsilence)

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