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The New Saudi Arabia: To replace the tired stock phrase, “the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy,” readers suggest: “the El Dorado of green energy,” and the Everlasting Gobstopper or Rush Limbaugh of wind. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Obama Calls for U.S.-China Cooperation: President Obama kicked off the U.S.-China summit in Washington today calling for cooperation on climate change, giving energy and the environment priority over everything except for fixing the global financial system. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Chevy Volt Battery Pack: Multiple Computers, Hundreds of Tests: Chevy Volt Program Manager Greg Ceisel gives an overview of continuous, automatic cell monitoring and feedback systems built into the battery pack for the extended range electric Chevy Volt. — GM-Volt

EU Solar Firms Look to Asia: Facing massive oversupply and pressure from Asian competitors that are slashing costs, grabbing market share, and benefiting from new government incentives, EU solar firms may rapidly shift production of solar cells and modules to Asia. — Reuters

Real Deal on Dead Zone Numbers: The U.S. government just unveiled this year’s estimate of the Gulf of Mexico’s “dead zone,” where no aquatic life can survive. It’s smaller than in 2002, but weird weather that helped shrink the zone isn’t expected to repeat every year, and the underlying runoff problem may get worse. — TNR’s The Vine

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