Check Out Pending Connections on LinkedIn and Facebook


As Meryl wrote a few days ago, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent business networking tools. Both sites offer useful ways of connecting with people you know, who you can ask to become part of your network. It’s easy to forget who you’ve requested to become a connection, especially since some requests might be pending for a long time. Luckily, Facebook has just added a way of seeing who you’ve invited to connect, while LinkedIn has had a similar function for some time.

Facebook-FriendsFacebook: Friend Request Pending

From the Friends menu, go to All Friends. People who haven’t responded to your friend request will be listed as “Friend Request Pending”. If you like, you can create a “Pending” group so that pending friends are easy to find. Just remember to move them to another group once they respond.

LinkedIn-ContactsLinkedIn: Sent Invitations

From the main menu, go to Contacts. Above your list of Connections, you’ll see a link to “[X number of] outstanding sent invitations” which will take you to the “Sent: Invitations” page. (You can also get there using this link.) Click on the word “Status” to sort the invitations by status. Scroll through the list and look for messages marked “Sent”. Once a person connects with you, their status will change to “Accepted”.LinkedIn-Inbox

Once you’ve reviewed the lists of pending connections, you can follow up and see why they haven’t responded. I find such conversations to be great icebreakers regarding the usefulness of social networks.

Do you know why your invitations to connect are still pending?


- Neal Stephenson,

it’s nice. facebook want you to answer all requests for frends..
seems like you cans see profile without being frend
will it be soon asking you to accept new frendships?

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