Book a Room and Borrow a Kindle — Hotels Offering eBooks as Amenities

KindleForget in-room cable TV — the newest hotel amenity is use of an Amazon Kindle. I caught word of this in my local newspaper over the weekend, and although it’s only in limited locations, I could easily see other hotels pick up on this. The EPIC in Miami as well as the Algonquin Hotel and Hotel Gansevoort in New York City are reportedly making Kindles available during a stay. I can’t find any details on whether there’s a nominal charge, nor do I know how you get content on the device, but it’s a smart concept.

Not only does this offer give folks a chance to read while on vacation, especially if they don’t want to lug books, but it opens Amazon up to new, potential customers. It also gives some hotels a competitive advantage in a time when the travel business isn’t all that strong. I can’t say that I’d stay at a hotel solely because they offered me a Kindle to use, but all things being equal, I’d go with a comparable place that did offer it. Would you?


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