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1139041_poor_eyesightLast week, I shared some tips to help you get more out of Google Blog Search. I prefer Google Blog Search (s goog) for vanity searches, where I want to see every mention across every blog talking about any of my various efforts. I generally use it as my starting point, but for some very broad topics, I just get too much noise and not enough relevancy. When that happens, I have three fallback search engines that allow me to filter out the less popular blogs and focus on ones with more authority.

Ask Blog Search

While Google Blog Search has sorting by date and relevance, Ask Blog Search (s iaci) has an additional option to sort results by popularity. With the popularity search, the results might be slightly less relevant, but you’ll be able to more easily find the popular blogs talking about a particular topic. You can also search for words in the title of the post, the body, the author, the subject, the description and more in order to help narrow your search. Ask also allows for filtering by date, so you can search for posts only within a certain date range.

Ask Blog SearchBloglines

Bloglines SearchWhile both Bloglines and Ask are from the same company, their searches have slightly different options and different results. Bloglines has similar options, but with a few interesting twists. Bloglines can limit searches using date ranges and sort results by date, relevancy and popularity. However, Bloglines can also sort by date and filtered by popularity, with options to only find results with at least two subscribers or many subscribers. You can even include or exclude news sources within your search.


The Technorati blog search has a couple of interesting search options that are worth talking about here. First, you can limit your search to find your results only if the search term appears in a tag. This is great for finding very relevant results (assuming people are accurately tagging their posts). My favorite Technorati option is to search only posts with a lot of authority. You can also see the authority measure right in your search results, and as a bonus, the authority measure is also included when you get RSS feeds of the results if you want to run your results through some tool, like Yahoo Pipes, to do some additional filtering or processing of the results.

Technorati Blog SearchThese are the three blog searches that I use most frequently along with Google Blog Search, but they are only three out of the many blog search engines that are available.

What is your favorite blog search to find the most authoritative results?

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