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AVG Antivirus Update Targets iTunes


It seems Windows users are not only at risk from software viruses, but also from antivirus software.

Over the weekend antivirus software giant AVG pushed a virus definitions database update to its users that mistakenly identified the library for the Windows version of iTunes as a Trojan and placed its contents in quarantine. AppleInsider reports today that users affected by the blunder lodged complaints on both the Apple (s aapl) Support and AVG Support forums.

The botched update wrongly identified existing iTunes .dll files as infected with the Small.BOG Trojan virus. By placing the files in quarantine, AVG effectively disabled iTunes, preventing it from launching.

A search on the AVG North American site returns no useful information, though the Australian site has posted a technical bulletin that reads:

Saturday, 25th July 2009 – Unfortunately, a recent virus database update resulted in iTunes being detected as a Trojan by AVG security products. We can confirm that it was a false alarm. AVG immediately released a new virus database update (definition file 270.13.29/2260) that corrected this issue.

If you are having problems, please update your AVG and check your iTunes again.

If you find that iTunes is not working after you update AVG, you can restore the deleted iTunes files from the AVG Virus Vault by following the steps below:

  • Open the AVG user interface.
  • Choose “Virus Vault” option from the “History” menu.
  • Locate the iTunes file that was incorrectly removed and select it (one click).
  • Click on the “Restore” button.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

10 Responses to “AVG Antivirus Update Targets iTunes”

  1. Removed AVG from my laptop last Friday as it kept insisting on making Yahoo the default search engine for FireFox, and didn’t let me change it back to my engine of choice. Looks like I was just on time, hehe

  2. Rshell

    Never recieved a warning and I couldn’t even download the new version of iTunes to update my software for iPhone! It’s been a month! I can’t get into my files folder it says trojan something and shirts my computer down!! Ugh the anger!

  3. Ha ha I got a warning message on Saturday saying something about iTunes Helper was infected with a Trojan, I just clicked heal or whatever, didn’t realise it was a error on AVG’s part. Though my iTunes never stopped workind mind…

  4. Anyone who think this kind of problem is new has never used Symantec Anti-Virus. There’s a solution (and I use that term lightly) that’s far worse than the alleged problem.