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Word Warp iPhone Game Nets Developer $10,000 In Monthly Ad Revs

Another answer to the burning “how much money are iPhone app developers really bringing in from advertising” question. Irvine, Calif.-based MobilityWare says its ad-supported Word Warp game is averaging just over $10,000 in revenue per month.

The game launched in September 2008 — and we’re in the process of confirming whether the revenue estimate is accurate for the past 10 months — but if it is, then Word Wrap has generated roughly $100,000 in ad revenue since last year. Not bad for an app that marketing director David Yonamine told TheAppleBlog cost in the “mid-five figures” to develop.

Greystripe serves the ads, which show up in-between levels; the startup said CPMs hovered in the $1.91 range. MobilityWare offers a 99-cent version of the game, but a majority of users (over 1.5 million people) have chosen to download the free one and deal with the ads. Yonamine told TheAppleBlog that the company funnels some of the ad revenues back into development to help keep the game updated (and popular).

What’s not as clear is how much money the startup had to spend promoting the app in the past — as companies like Adwhirl have shown that it can be quite expensive to get an app seen by the masses in the first place.

One Response to “Word Warp iPhone Game Nets Developer $10,000 In Monthly Ad Revs”

  1. Dane Cemal

    Being a fellow developer, I am a huge fan of Ad Supported applications. I struggled getting users with pay per download model. I think to make this work you have to carve out a niche with 'play for free' first. I notice all the mainstream publishers are doing this with a 'Lite' version allowing the users to get a taste for the app. The only problem with this approach is the leechers who seem to use and abuse moving onto the next fix once they have finished the trial levels. Bringing in 'ad supported' though has worked wonders for me and using the likes of 365 Adsolutions and Admob from the beginning have brought me huge rewards. Obviously it comes down to working with the right partner and having a good compelling app which brings the users back time and time again.