India To Have Third Largest Internet Population By 2013; Is Among Top 10 Twitter Countries


Forrester Research predicts that India will have the third largest population of Internet users by 2013, after China and the US (via PTI). The research firm said last week that the total number of people online will grow more than 45% to 2.2 billion in the next five years. Of this, 43% will be residents of Asia, and 17%, of China. “Growth rates in the US, Western Europe, and the major industrialized nations in Asia Pacific such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea will slow to between 1 percent and 3 percent,” the company said in a release.

Various estimates put India’s current Internet population at about 60 million (see this and this). New Scientist estimates that Indians will be the third largest group online by 2012.

Analytics firm Sysomos recently said India was among the top 10 countries by the number of Twitter users. The report is full of interesting insights about the popular microblogging platform (did you know that more women used Twitter than men?). It’s also interesting that India has more twitter users than China, which has many times the number of Internet users. India comes 9th in the list, trailed by South Africa. Twitter’s home country, the US, has the most number of Twitter users by a massive margin. Watblog has a detailed post on the Sysomos report.


Afan Saad

Yes. I agree with the earlier comment but lets hope that there won't be any slums by 2013

Meena Shah

That is obvious – we are just waiting for broadband and then all hell will break loose… everyone in india down to the slums wants to be connected.

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