The iPhone: What Didn’t They Patent?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at the 2007 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, he made a point of letting the world know how seriously Apple would protect its intellectual property. Of course, he did it in inimitable Steve Jobs style, quipping “…and boy have we patented it!”

Of the more-than 200 features for which Apple applied for patents, the latest approved patent has been unearthed recently by Cell Passion. And this one isn’t for the iPhone, but for the packaging it comes in!

One of many diagrams in the Patent

One of many diagrams in the Patent

Of the 17 designers named in the patent, “Ive; Jonathan P. (San Francisco, CA)” and “Jobs; Steve (Palo Alto, CA)” stand out.

You can view the full patent file, including many more diagrams, here.


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