Save Tons of Time Deleting Twitter DMs

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Whether you use Twitter for personal or professional reasons, after a while you’ll notice that your inbox is overflowing with direct messages (DMs). Ultimately, you’ll realize that you will never have the time or the patience to sit there and manually delete all of them. What do you do then?

Well, enter the wonderful time-saving free tool known as DM Deleter which automates the process of trashing your direct messages with just a couple of clicks. This tool was produced by the gifted Damon Cortesi (@Dacort), the same developer behind the Twitter statistics and analysis tool, TweetStats.

Here’s how to delete your direct messages (all of them, or just selected ones):

  • Go the DM Deleter page.
  • Drag the DM Whacker bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.
  • Go to your Twitter Direct Messages page.
  • Click the DM Whacker bookmarklet on your toolbar. (Your Twitter page will change.)
  • Now select which direct messages to delete. Choose all DM’s you’ve sent and received, or just those to and from selected individuals.
  • Click the “Delete” button, and let the whacking begin. DM Deleter managed to wipe out all of my viewable 800 direct messages in under 10 minutes, which was quite impressive. This 800 limit is imposed by Twitter itself, so you can never delete more than that total.

    (Note: It’s important to mention that this tool will actually delete direct messages from all the inboxes of the folks you sent DMs to as well. So be careful if you decide to delete all DMs. There’s no way to undelete them at this time.

Back Up Your DMs (and Tweets)

Prior to deleting all of your DMs, you might want to back them up. Here are some tools that will back up your direct messages, as well as some that back up your public tweets. Keep in mind that Twitter only displays 3,200 tweets for each user (about 160 pages) so that will be the most tweets you can ever back up.

  • TweeTake is the only service that I’ve seen that can export/backup direct messages. Keep in mind that you can only backup 800 direct messages because of  Twitter’s limits.
  • Twistory backs up your tweets in an iCal (s aapl) format.
  • Tweetbackup lets you schedule daily backups.
  • ListofTweets only exports your most recent tweets, so it’s not a good tool for exhaustive backups
  • Twitter Tools lets bloggers export their tweets to their blog.

Do you back up your tweets and DMs?

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