Palm Pre Just $99.99 at Best Buy? Maybe Not (Read the Fine Print)

I have to admit that I didn’t know what to think when news appeared today that Best Buy was running a promotion for the Palm Pre for just $99.99. The Pre has been a rock-solid $199.99 since its release just a few weeks ago, and this 50 percent drop in price (with a 2-year contract) seemed too good to be true. Perhaps it is, if you look at a photo taken within a store that appeared on the web.

The ticket on display prominently proclaims the $99.99 price, but it gets interesting when you look at the fine print:


The small print in the box marked “INSTANT SAVINGS” clearly indicates the price is the standard $199.99 with a new or upgraded 2-year contract. I have a feeling that it’s a bit too early in the game for the price to drop by half, even with the iPhone 3G price at that point. I couldn’t find on the web anyone who actually got the cheap Pre price online nor in the stores. This could be a big OOPS for Best Buy.

UPDATE: Can we call them or what? Engadget is reporting that Best Buy has indicated the low price is in error and the correct price is reinstated ($199). Some lucky folks were able to grab a Pre or two at the reduced rate while the incorrect price was in use. Lucky folks. :)

Best Buy marketing manager John Bernier has chimed in via his Twitter account to say that the Pre is $199 and that the “error is being corrected.”


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