Chinese Case Makers Jump the Gun


It just wouldn’t be a normal news week without the rumor-mill churning out more “proof” of unannounced products. For a change, this rumor is not about the fabled tablet device, but instead, it’s about the next-generation iPods touch and Nano — specifically, their happy-snappy new camera functionality.


According to a report on Cult of Mac, the features and dimensions of the next versions of the iPod touch and iPod Nano, while officially a secret in America, are China’s worst-kept secret. Apparently, manufacturers in China have started producing cases for the devices, and CoM offers dozens of photos of them in all their silicon glory.

If they’re genuine, there are no big surprises, save for the fact that the iPod touch camera is located in the top center of the device, not in one corner, as one would find in its iPhone cousin. Also noted, the Nano’s screen will get wider, making its click wheel smaller.

No word on camera resolution, or whether the Nano will be able to record video, though the assumption is made that the iPod touch will.

The revised iPod models are due in September, when Apple (s aapl) usually refreshes that product line.


Ian patterson

If this is real – why is there no Camera App on the home screen like there is on OS3 by default?

Ronald Heft

I believe the iPod touch image you’re seeing is simply a cardboard cutout they place in the packaging to resemble an iPod touch. The image they’re using is from the iPod touch 1.0’s interface, where there were only a few apps and a reflective dock.


The photos are real. It is a real iPod touch, not cardboard – look at the reflection on the screen. However, the new iPod touch has not yet been released – read the article. The Chinese manufacturers are jumping the gun and are producing cases for an as yet unreleased product.


3rd party mfrs get the raw specs of a new device. They then build a mold, and build a case. Usually, they display the case on the mold, but since the new devices have the same size as the old ones, they can display them on the old devices. Naturally, they don’t have the new software, so you are not going to see a new device with new apps.

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