Verizon Adds 1.1M New Subs, Tops 87M


[qi:___3g] AT&T (s T) said yesterday that it added 1.4 million new subscribers during the second quarter of 2009, bringing its total number of subscribers to 79.6 million. Today, Verizon Wireless (s VZ) announced that it had 1.1 million net customer additions in the most recent 3-month period, taking its total to 87.7 million. With U.S. cellular phone market penetration rates at an all-time high, I wonder who’s losing market share. Sprint?


Jesse Kopelman

These are Net Adds. Just because Sprint is getting Gross Adds from Pre doesn’t mean they are offsetting Gross lLses. Renewed subscriptions count as Gross Adds, but to effect Net Adds they must exceed departing subscribers.


some upgrades force you to renew your contract. i wonder if they are including that in the sub count. both verizon and AT &T have terrible customer service!


I doubt its sprint. They are adding new customers after the launch of Pre.
It could be that there are new customers entering the mobile space.
Just to give you an example , I know kids who are entering 11th grade demanding phones form their parents. I bet there are thousands of these kids.

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