The Guild at Comic-Con: Wil Wheaton, Comic Book Coming Soon!

At The Guild‘s Friday morning Comic-Con panel, Felicia Day promised four surprises and totally came through, including the reveal of Star Trek‘s Wil Wheaton as the upcoming third season’s “Big Bad.”

DSCF0917First, the panel opened with a full music video, an intense, crisply produced dance video that featured the entire Guild cast, in costume, cooing about avatars. The video was also a bit of a Dr. Horrible reunion — Day co-wrote the song with Jed Whedon, who also directed, and Dr. Horrible co-writer Maurissa Tancharoen was a background dancer. While it won’t be available on Xbox Live for another two weeks, Comic-Con attendees can pick up cards at the Xbox booth with a code for a sneak preview. It’s a great-looking video — in Day’s words, “Jed made the nerdiest people on the Internet look cool.”

Day and cast entered convention center room in their full costumes from the video (Day tucked her notes for the panel into her corset) and announced that there will be a Guild comic produced by Dark Horse Comics (who did the same for Buffy Season 8 and Dr. Horrible). Day will write the comic, which will focus more on the characters in their game world, as opposed to the real world.

The first episode of the upcoming season was also screened, concluding on the slow pan to reveal Wheaton confronting Codex and her fellow guild members. Wheaton admitted to having extreme difficulty in not Twittering about his week of shooting. He’s never played World of Warcraft, because after running a MUDD in 1991, he knew he’d never get anything done.

Director Sean Becker’s broke season three down as follows: 12 episodes, 13 locations, shot in 15 days, with 103 pages of script (cut down from 125). His suggestion for next season: “Everyone moves into Codex’s house and they all use the same computer.”

Room 5AB was packed, with fans coming up with T-shirts and fan art for the panel, thanking everyone involved with the show for making it happen. It was a reminder of what can make Comic-Con magical — creators and cast interacting with their fans on an intimate level. Lotta love in that room.