HP Mini 5101 Caressed, Loved, Reviewed


hp-mini-5101The Mini 5101 netbook that HP (s hpq) outed in June is just now making the review rounds. The device is also available direct from HP, with configurations starting at $399. PC Magazine took the Mini 5101 for a spin and pinned it with 3.5 of 5 stars.

Those looking for a larger keyboard than currently available on most netbooks today should be happy — the 5101 takes the keyboard up to 95 percent of full size. It looks to me like this is accomplished with a bit of bezel around the 10-inch display. That extra room on the overall screen size offers a bit more room for a keyboard on the base. That room helps with the trackpad and buttons, too. HP moved the mouse buttons from the side of the smallish trackpad to underneath, which is a more traditional placement. But the slightly larger overall dimensions didn’t do much to the weight, which is a positive. With a 4-cell battery, the device weighs 2.6 pounds. A battery swap to the larger capacity 6-cell adds 0.3 pounds to the overall weight, making the Mini 5101 still easy to tote.

With a 6-cell battery option paired to an N280 Intel Atom (s intc), I would have thought that all-day computing might be possible. No such luck, as PC Mag’s benchmark test turned in a time of five hours and 15 minutes. Surely that’s due to the lower capacity of the 6-cell as compared to others on the market — it’s a 55 Whr power pack.

I think the HP Mini 5101 really shines in the terms of available options. Although they’re sure to boost the price well beyond the $399 starting point, it’s nice to see a range of choices for a netbook like these:

  • 7200 RPM hard drive choices in 160GB, 250GB and 320GB capacity
  • 128GB solid-state drive
  • Qualcomm Gobi (s qcom) solution for 3G with AT&T (s T), Verizon (s VZ), or Sprint (s S)
  • 1366×768 display in lieu of the standard 1024×600

The HP Mini 5101 has a few shortcomings and looks more “business” than casual, but still looks like an appealing package for folks wanting a refresh of HP’s prior Mini choices.



I’m not sure what you were referencing regarding the battery. Maybe the 4-cell option.

From PC Mag: The 5101’s 55Wh battery (6-cell) is slightly smaller than that of the 1000HE (63Wh), the NB205 (63Wh), and the N120 (57Wh), but that didn’t stop it from doing well on our battery tests; Although the 7 hours 20 minute score from MobileMark 2007 tests didn’t beat that of the NB205, it ranks right up there with some of the best netbooks.


If I had to pick a netbook based purely on appearance, I’d get the Toshiba NB205 – hands down the best looking netbook sold today. I saw the brown model on display at Staples recently and immediately fell for its design. It looks SO good.

Feature-wise and performance related though, the HP Mini 110 would be my netbook of choice with the high-res screen option and hardware video acceleration. I like the white color scheme HP is using as it stands out nicely from the crowd. Ladies would be fans of the pink version too.

It’s a real shame Intel decided to push back Pinetrail to 2010. Netbooks deserve a more power-friendly chipset, and I’d hate to think Medfield gets bumped to 2011 as a result.


Beautiful netbook! I want buy it ! BTW. Thx for great blog :)

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