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Comic-Con Day 1: New Moon Clips, Avatar Unveiled

Our intrepid geeks Chris and Liz are down at Comic-Con in San Diego for the weekend, where the buzz seems to be all fresh New Moon clips and Avatar 3D glasses messing with their normal four-eye rigs.

First up, James Cameron calls his audience to arms in advance of a 25-minute preview of his long-awaited return to big-budget filmmaking. Warning: this fan-cam is so close to the stage (after undoubted hours of waiting to see Cameron in the flesh), it reverts to a distorted big screen grab. It has just 621 views on YouTube so far, but you get the idea.

And next — given that Twilight seems to be eating up the world right now, it’s no surprise the vampire series is dominating the yearly outpouring of sci-fi lovers. Here’s the grainy squealy New Moonfootage from a member of the audience that’s rising up video charts right now. The YouTube clip from yesterday has more than 83,000 views already. MTV, meanwhile, is pumping its authorized clips from a New Moon panel, which are of a much better quality. The clip below has about 60,000 views.

But soon the fanboy/girl squeals will become more standard NewTeeVee fare. Liz Shannon is watching The Guild panel currently, and Chris is moderating panels on Legend of Neil and Star Wars fan movies tomorrow.