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Picture 1I recently wrote about why I think it’s more important to spend time creating great content instead of focusing on developing your personal brand. It even inspired reader Jordan Curzon to get back in the habit of regularly blogging, and in his post, he touched on an important point. Every blog post doesn’t need to solve some tough technology problem or cover breaking news. People tend to make blogging much harder than it needs to be.

Here are a few ideas for people who want to blog more frequently, but who sometimes have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Short Posts Are OK, Too

Blog posts don’t have to be long to be good. In fact, people are more likely to read the entire post if it’s fairly short. Seth Godin is the master of the short blog post. He writes about interesting topics and provides his unique perspective in a couple of short paragraphs. Keep it simple.

Give Your Unique Take On Other Content

The next time you run across a great presentation, video, article or blog post, spend a minute thinking about your take on the subject. If you have even a paragraph of analysis or an example from your experience that supports or contradicts it, you can easily turn it into a blog post. Grab a quote or embed the video, and spend a few minutes sharing your thoughts on it. This is an easy way to share good content with your readers while also adding to the conversation.

Interview Someone

Is there someone that you find fascinating and wish you knew more about? Send them three questions via email and ask if they would mind answering them for a blog post. This is a great way to outsource some of the writing while getting interesting and unique information for your blog. Take a look at this example of an interview that I did with Raven Zachary a few months ago to get a feel for how this might look.

The key is not to overcomplicate it and make it harder than it needs to be. Remember that blog posts come in many different forms. They can be short or long, research-based or random thoughts, humorous or serious, or anything else you decide to write.

What are your tips for regularly writing great blog posts?


Firoze Shakir

Thanks for you article , I agree with most of what you say, but I feel blogging should come from within, I post a picture no text and yet it is read like a poem without words ..blogging is a form of holistic healing it heals the writer of the blog and the reader too..
I have posted 84800 blogs in 20 months on Flickr..and it is addictive too take care…

Daryl Griffiths

Dawn this is a great post and already different people have found different points useful.
I am a freqent consumer of lots of blogs on a variety of (widely!) different subjects and often share links in Google Reader or Facebook or email them to friends/colleagues who I think may interested in the content, and have also have been toying with the idea of blogging for quite some time but was worrying about what “value” I would add, but you’ve validated the idea I had of, basically, re-blogging and adding my own take on the topic (a la Scoble, I suppose!)
I may very well give it a go, but think I will limit it to one general area rather than trying to cover all the different subjects I’m interested in!
So, I just wanted to let you know that it may have inspired me to finally get blogging myself.

Liane | Blogging Tips

Yes, short post style by Seth Godin. Sometimes I do find it unfair for a 200 word post to gain more attention than a 600 one. Oh well, I do appreciate bloggers making more effort. But truth be told, keeping it simple really is a good way to go.

Miguel| SimplyBlog

You touched on a important aspect that really helps my blogging. Taking an extra minute or so, to really think through a position/viewpoint.

Another help, avoid the need to write a complete post in one setting; slowly outline your core points, step away, come back to flesh out more details. It’s worth it, this also creates room for you to clean up mistakes or cut clutter. :)


Dawn Foster

Robert, Pictures definitely help! We include a picture for every WWD post, but I rarely take the time to include one for my own blog posts. On the other hand, Chris Brogan does a fantastic job of selecting pictures for his blog posts.

Robert Sanchez

By the way, sometimes adding an image can definitely decrease stress and words into a post since, “pictures are worth a thousand words.” Sometimes a picture or video is enough, ergo the success of Tumblr and the lot.

Robert Sanchez

I think the reason that most bloggers/writers are concerned about writing short posts are that readers might be expecting something grand and/or complicated from them like an analysis of the current political programs of some right-wing conspiracy group or something.

When in fact (you hit the nail on the head with this one) it’s the quality and content that matters. I could be writing 3 pages of hogwash, but readers WILL notice what it is right from the start and leave right away.

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