AOL Enlists Bündchen, Stewart, Buffett and Sagan for New Web Series


The who’s who of web video is becoming more like that of real life with every passing day. Appearing soon in a webisode near you will be animated versions of Warren Buffett, Martha Stewart (at age 10), Gisele Bündchen and Carl Sagan (posthumously), as well as real-life actors Jennie Garth and Talia Balsam. And the names behind the scenes aren’t too shabby either.

Warren Buffett's web series
AOL (s TWX) today unveiled a relationship with new children’s digital studio A Squared Entertainment and the two companies’ plans for four original children’s web series. Each property will post episodes running 3-5 minutes long as well as related games and content, and AOL will syndicate the shows throughout the web.

Here’s what your kids will be watching:

Secret Millionaire’s Club — Warren Buffet (in animated form) mentors a group of kids on their adventures in business and finance. This appears to be a revived or ongoing project, as there are news stories on it dating back to 2006. The show is set to launch in the fall of this year.

Gigi & The Green Team (working title) — an animated Gisele Bündchen plays a superhero who protects the environment by night. Launching fall 2009.

Little Martha (working title) — a 10-year-old Martha Stewart (yes, also animated) “operates an event planning company from her tricked-out treehouse.” Topics include cooking, crafting and gardening. Launching spring 2010.

Kosmos — the late, now-animated Carl Sagan combines science with space adventure in the vein of educational series Cosmos. The series was developed by Ann Druyan, co-creator of Cosmos and creative director of NASA’s time capsule on a phonograph record, “Voyager Interstellar Message.” Launching spring 2010.

Bonus: Also announced today, The Broadroom from Meredith’s (s MDP) More magazine — “a humorous look at workplace issues facing women.” Candace Bushnell (Sex in the City, Lipstick Jungle) is signed to write and produce cross-promotional magazine columns; Ellen Gittelsohn (Roseanne, Designing Women) will produce; Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills, 90210) and Talia Balsam (Mad Men) will star; Maybelline will sponsor. (via MediaWeek)

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