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Interview: AOL’s Levick: ‘Platform-A Didn’t Make Us Work Better; It Just Made Clients Confused’

One of the big pieces of news was that came of out AOL (NYSE: TWX) CEO Tim Armstrong’s 100-day presentation to the company’s staff was the formation of three primarily business units: AOL Advertising, AOL Media and AOL Ventures. I spoke with Jeff Levick, president of Global Advertising and Strategy, about the decision to drop the Platform-A brand and why he and Armstrong have decided to embrace the brand with almost as much fervor as erstwhile Randy Falco and Ron Grant appeared to be running away from it.

In the meantime, following up on comments made in an interview with paidContent last week, it looks like some of the brands within Platform-A are likely to be sidelined to some extent as well at some point. Levick, speaking from his car as he was driving back to Manhattan, insisted that there wasn’t a wholesale rush to drop the brand names that were created over past few years. For example, while content unit MediaGlow is being moved into AOL Media, which will be run by Bill Wilson, that brand remains. Levick said — at least for now.

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