To Boost Retention, Twitter Tries To Explain Itself

Twitter 101

Over the last few months, Twitter executives have talked about improving retention rates but until now haven’t done anything obvious about it. Two new Twitter initiatives seem to suggest that Twitter believes that part of the solution is doing a better job of explaining to newcomers how to use its service.

For businesses, Twitter is launching Twitter 101 — a site designed to share “interesting findings, best practices, steps for getting started, and case studies,” according to the announcement on the Twitter blog. Twitter will also launch a new home page next week that will feature specific information about how Twitter works geared for new users, according to a report by AllThingsD (It also puts a search box on the Twitter home page, part of Twitter’s continued efforts to play up the prominence of its search function).

In an interview with AllThingsD, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says,


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