Gmail Close To Eclipsing Yahoo Mail In India: Komli Media


Vizisense, an audience measurement tool from digital marketing firm Komli Media, has launched monthly rankings of websites based on traffic from India, and the first edition throws up some interesting results.

Gmail is just a million unique users short of overtaking Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Mail, a much older web-based email service. Globally, while Gmail has been growing, it is nowhere close to threatening Yahoo Mail’s leadership position.

Yahoo is India’s preferred portal, while Google (NSDQ: GOOG) leads by a vast margin in search and Google properties Orkut and YouTube leads social networking and photo/video sharing segments, also by significant margins.

A year into the launch, Web18’s has more traffic than in the portals segment. is also the fifth most popular mail service, and Indiatimes Mail doesn’t figure in top five. is the most popular travel commerce site, second to railways site, which has double the traffic. MakeMyTrip is followed by and

Info Edge’s properties and, respectively lead the jobs search and real estate search segments, while matrimonial search is led by Consim Info’s is the top ecommerce (B2C) site while leads the classifieds (B2B) segment and leads the classifieds (B2C) segment.

Detailed rankings across segments are here. Detailed notes on Vizisense’s methodology is here (pdf). Data includes visitors from cyber cafes.



Wizisense like Comscore(India) is such a sham….Google Trends is the only genuine barometer of competitive performance.

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