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FCC About To Hit Full Strength; Senate Confirms Clyburn, Attwell Baker

President Barack Obama can’t get health care reform passed before the August recess but it looks like he will have one accomplishment: a full Federal Communications Commission. The U.S. Senate today confirmed by unanimous consent the nominations of Mignon Clyburn (pictured), a Democrat, and *Meredith* Attwell Baker, a Republican; the two could join the commission by next week.

They join Julius Genachowski, the new FCC chairman, and current commissioners Michael Copps and Robert McDowell, bringing the FCC to full strength for the first time since January. Obama nominated Genachowski, a Democrat, and nominated Republican McDowell for a second term; this will be the first time Democrats have held the three-seat majority since 2001. Top of the agenda: making broadband accessible and affordable across the U.S.

The two incoming commissioners are well connected politically: Baker, the daughter of former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, formerly was acting head of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration; Clyburn, the daughter of House majority whip James Clyburn, is on the South Carolina Public Service Commission. More details at Multichannel News.

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