Earnings: Vodafone Declares iPhone Interest; Profits Rise On Asia Growth

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Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) isn’t alone in wanting to prise away O2’s exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone in the UK — but it is shouting the loudest about it. The company’s CFO Andy Holford said today on the release of its Q109 results on Friday (via Guardian.co.uk): “It’s a good product and we would love to have it in the portfolio in more countries“. Vodafone has iPhone deals in 11 countries, but not the crucial UK and German markets.

In the analyst call, CEO Vittorio Colao admitted: “I can tell you for sure we have had and still have some negative iPhone effect. It’s clear the iPhone is working very well in the UK; it’s particularly clear that not having it has hindered us.”

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Consolidation: Colao wouldn’t comment directly on rumours Vodafone is interested in buying Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile but added his voice to calls that the UK market is too large: “I still believe and have always believed that the UK market has an over investment in commercial costs versus other markets with the same population. Consolidation would bring benefits in terms of savings resources for the remaining players.”

Q1 earnings: Vodafone made revenue of £10.74 billion ($17.74 billion) for the three months to June 30, a 9.3 percent rise year on year helped by gains in Asia. Overall, revenue fell by 2.1 percent. Vodafone added eight million new mobile customers in the quarter and now has 315.3 million and fixed line revenue was up seven percent thanks to 200,000 new broadband customers — a figure that will rise next quarter after the company signed a <a href="http://paidcontent.co.uk/article/419-vodafone-gets-bts-irish-fixed-line-customers-for-4.8-billion/" title="

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You might want to change $17.74 million to billion (Q1 earnings).

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