Turn a Windows Mobile Device Into Wireless Webcam with Audio

webcamera-plusI’ve been thinking about what to do with my old unlocked Dash and I might have found a good use for it. Software from Ateksoft could morph my Windows Mobile device into a wireless webcam. WebCamera Plus just hit v2.1 and it can pipe both audio and video from handsets. It works over a wired or wireless connection — USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G. That means even the lowly EDGE support on my Dash will work.

The software works with Skype and other video applications, but I already have a webcam for those. I was thinking of using the FTP support in WebCamera Plus to wirelessly upload photos from my Dash. There’s a setting in the software to take pics at configurable intervals, so it could be useful to snap photos from nearby locations.

I was thinking of aiming the Dash at the one road leading in to our development so I could watch for the UPS driver that visits so much. A little advance notice is always nice. ;) WebCamera Plus isn’t what I’d call cheap at $24.90, but there is a free, limited version to try. I’m grabbing that now, but have yet to find the Dash. I loaned it to the kids and have no idea where they put it. Maybe I need a web cam on them and not the road to our house…


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