HTC to Focus on Android Over Other Platforms?

android-logo1We keep hearing that a lot of OEMs are working on Android smartphones, even though only a few have made it to market. There is an explosion of Android phones set to appear this year and early next year. Phone maker HTC is one of the biggest players in the smartphone world, and the largest maker of Windows Mobil phones around. It produces some of the most popular phones on the market, the Touch and Touch Pro among them.

HTC was the first on the Android train, producing the original T-Mobile G1 and the recent myTouch 3G for the carrier. The company has made it clear that it believes Android is a large part of their future phone development, and a rumor coming out of Asia indicates how large a role Android might play. According to DigiTimes, HTC intends to make Android the platform of choice on over 50 percent of its future phones. This fits in with what we see from HTC, and if true this is a big blow to Windows Mobile, the platform on the major portion of HTC’s lineup for some time.


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